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PORTAGE, March 21, 1936 - Workmen have begun excavation for the basement of a new store building to be erected in Portage to replace the one burned last December, which for many years was occupied by Stratton’s store, then Kratt & Valentine’s store, and which later was occupied by the Winton & Kinney general store at the time of the fire.

The building will be constructed of a red building tile, stucco front and with large plate glass display windows. There will be a full basement under the building, which will be 24 feet by 55 feet in dimensions. The building will be constructed by Frank Potter, of Bowling Green. Weather permitting, construction will begin on the building the first of the week, the plans are to have it complete and ready for occupancy by the 1st of May.

The store will be occupied by the firm of Winton and Kinney, who will operate a general store. These two Portage boys began their business association on February 10th 1932, and were enjoying a very nice trade the fire completely destroyed their business last December. However, they immediately opened the new store in a temporary location across the street and are operating this pending the completion of their new structure.

This new building will be a decided improvement for the village of Portage. Just recently Alva Koons completed a new building which is being occupied by the Ruby Hottinger Restaurant and which adjoins the filling station, also owned by Mister Koons. Upon the completion of the Winton and Kinney building two of the four buildings destroyed will have been constructed and the folks of Portage are glad that these people feel assured of the continued prosperity of this town and are showing it by investing their money in these worthwhile improvements.


PORTAGE, March 28, 1936 - Work was started Saturday on a new store building here to replace the Stratton block destroyed by a $35,000 fire last December when the three store builds burned. The building will house the Winton & Kinney general store and will be complete about May 1.

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